UK Storage Company

Controlsoft Provides Secure Access Control to UK Storage

UK Storage Company have a network of self storage facilities in the South West of the UK, in high profile yet easy to access locations, including Bridgwater, Bristol, Plymouth and Taunton.

“Our focus is on maintaining the security of our storage while providing excellent customer service to our clients who typically fall into 2 categories, Home and Business” says John Lamb of UK Storage Company, “Our Business customers require access during office hours, Monday to Friday and our Home customers require access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also need to be able to set up or change Users' access rights instantly to any of our network of storage locations remotely from our offices”.

UK Storage Company also needed the facility to remotely suspend and reinstate user's access rights on demand, to accommodate any temporary changes in the users account status.

“When we originally opened our Bristol storage facilities” says John Lamb, “there was an access system already in place but when we decided to implement our own access control requirements, we found that the access system wasn't flexible enough. Our security company recommended that we look at installing a Controlsoft access control system and we found that the Controlsoft system met every need that we had identified.” Self storage, as a business model, has a steady turnover of customers so Controlsoft recommended that keypads were installed at the access entry points and that Customers were assigned their own unique access code and predefined start date in the Controlsoft Software. Now in order to gain access to the facilities, each Customer must enter their own unique access code which only become valid on the predefined start date. In case of any disputes, the Controlsoft system keeps a log of who entered, where and when.

“We've taken a step forward with our security access control and Controlsoft enabled us to do that when we'd reached a dead end with our previous provider. We are now looking for them to supply their system to our next sites” says John Lamb.

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