Swaziland Post & Telecommunication

Controlsoft delivers highly cost-effective access control for Swaziland Posts & Telecommunications Corporation

The main responsibilities of the Swaziland Posts & Telecommunications Corporation (SPTC) are the operation, maintenance and development of Postal and Telecommunications services in Swaziland.

In addition to its HQ premises, the SPTC has six tele-centres across Swaziland. SGGS, a local construction company had worked successfully with the Corporation in the past and was tasked with installing a modern access control solution at each of the telecentres.

Thando Dlamini of SGGS says that the access solution was required to monitor on-site access and to restrict entry to authorised personnel. With no existing access control in place, Thando Dlamini says the SPTC was exposed to a variety of risks associated with unauthorised access and lacked an effective means of monitoring attendance at each tele-centre. The absence of attendance monitoring also created issues of non-compliance with Health and Safety standards in terms of recording details of people on site in the event of a fire or similar emergency.

Planning for the access control project was provided to SGGS by Controlsoft who recommended a fingerprint access solution based on Morpho J-Series fingerprint scanners linked to ES2 software which is designed specifically to support the use of Morpho readers.

Delivering low-cost access to high security

ES2 Lite controls up to six fingerprint readers installed at separate access points on a single site. Further readers can be added to the ES2 software by upgrading to the Pro version for an additional licensing fee.

Hilary Dredge of Controlsoft highlights that, “ES2 Lite was the ideal solution for the SPTC as it provides the essential elements of an advanced access control solution in a software package that is extremely easy to use and manage. ES2 has further provided the SPTC with the proven security benefits of Morpho fingerprint readers within an access solution that delivers outstanding value for money.”

Thando Dlamini explains that each of the six tele-centre sites has been equipped with a standalone solution running on the ES2 software that controls two Morpho J-Series fingerprint scanners for each entrance door. Free-exit is managed by an interior push to exit button.

Administrators at each site control and monitor time-based access and attendance via ES2 running on a standard PC.

Fingerprint enrolment of personnel is handled within the ES2 package, providing users with a simple, step-by-step interface that requires only basic computer literacy for successful operation.

Securing user acceptance: looking beyond the technical solution

Although SGGS had no prior experience in working with technically advanced access solutions, the level of support supplied by Controlsoft and the simplicity of the solution meant that SGGS were able to complete the project without encountering any significant obstacles during installation and commissioning

In fact, the most challenging aspect of the installation was not technical at all but rather involved securing acceptance of the solution amongst SPTC personnel. Having no routine experience of a modern access solution, users were understandably concerned about the implications of the solution in terms of fingerprint capture and monitoring.

Thando Dlamini says, “Once these concerns were addressed, everyone involved is now benefitting from the advantages of increased security within our workplace.”

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