Broughton Hall

Fingerprint to access Broughton Hall High School

Broughton Hall High School is a Technology College for girls, located in the city of Liverpool, with nearly 1600 students and 250 staff.

In 2010 the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme provided Broughton Hall with funding to create a new shared sixth form facility with neighbouring Cardinal Heenan High School for boys and refurbish the retained part of the school, which dates back over 90 years.

As part of the this BSF programme, Mike Clays, Premises/Facilities Manager for Broughton Hall School, decided to replace the existing card access system with a fingerprint access system to control 38 doors. “A fingerprint access system gives us several advantages,” says Mike Clays, “firstly the students can't lose their fingers and secondly they can't give their fingers to someone else!”

“We found that a card system required a member of staff to constantly be available to re-issue students with cards when they arrived at school and realized they had either left the card at home or worse, lost it. Students are here to study and classes are disrupted when students arrive late because they have been waiting to get their access card re-issued. I visited Alsop School in late 2011 to see how their fingerprint system was working and I was very impressed by the simplicity of the enrolment software and the speed of identification by the fingerprint reader. We have been using our system for 6 months now and I am extremely happy. It does exactly what it says on the tin, the fingerprint readers are stylish and the students like using them. I also have the comfort of knowing that if I do have a problem, Controlsoft are at the end of the phone.”

Ben Kent, Technical Manager of Controlsoft Ltd, said “the school's primary requirement was to secure the building and various areas within it. The network capability of the Controlsoft system enabled us to utilise the schools existing IT infrastructure which saved on cabling costs because the doors are located in multiple buildings on a sizeable campus.”

“We need to lock down certain areas, e.g. the Sixth Form,” says Mike Clays, “and I need to control the times of the day / days of the week that students have access to the buildings. The Controlsoft software makes administration of all the access rights very straight forward. Controlsoft provide excellent training so it doesn't take long to get familiar with how to use the software.”

“We are very focussed on customer training because enrolling users correctly into our software is very important” says Jonathan Summers, Managing Director of Controlsoft Ltd, “we have designed our software to be intuitive and easy to use so that administrators can enrol people and manage their access rights quickly. As a company, Controlsoft are reliable and we are committed to excellence in our products, customer service and support.”

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