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AFGRI Enhance Building Security with Controlsoft

The AFGRI Services business of the AFGRI Group comprises Retail and Mechanisation and Grain Management. These divisions focus on serving the primary agricultural production sector within AFGRI's geographical area, including South Africa's key grain growing areas of Mpumalanga, Gauteng, North West and Free State provinces.

AFGRI Services needed to improve the security for their offices with an Access Control system which provided a high degree of security, while being easy to use and offering value for money.

MornĂ© de Klerk, the Group IT Infrastructure Operations Manager at AFGRI said “We felt comfortable with Controlsoft as they have been in the security industry for over 20 years. They understood our needs and provided us with crucial advice on using the latest technology.”
“Looking at Controlsoft's portfolio it was clear they are a market leader in the security industry with a global presence spanning across the world.”

Controlsoft recommended using the I-Net controllers with Pro management software as the IP connectivity allowed the installer to use AFGRI's corporate network, resulting in a significant reduction in installation costs.

MornĂ© de Klerk said “The Controlsoft Pro software is well known in the security industry for being extremely versatile and having the ability to cater for everyone's requirements.”
“One of our major requirements was that we needed additional security in certain areas of the building which Controlsoft met by including a Two Swipe Rule.”

This feature ensures that doors will only release if two people present their cards within a specified period of time. De Klerk was so pleased with this feature that it will be extended to other areas of the building when needed.

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