Controlsoft DrawMaster in 64Bits

After a default installation of DrawMaster on a 64Bit operating system, the DrawMaster application will not start.

The error message is that Graphics2D.dll cannot be found.

This is because the installation directory for a 64bit OS is: C:\Program Files(x86)\KeyMatrix\DrawMaster and the dll file is located here.

To fix this, create a \KeyMatrix\DrawMaster directory in C:\Program Files, and copy the Graphics2D.dll from C:\Program Files(x86)\KeyMatrix\DrawMaster to C:\Program Files\KeyMatrix\DrawMaster

Once this is done, the application will load correctly.

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Controlsoft welcome Norbain Technical Staff for Training

Controlsoft Technical Training – Norbain SA

Henry Phillips of Controlsoft provided Technical Training on the Controlsoft range of products to four members of the Norbain Technical Staff.

Norbain’s Technicians found the training very comprehensive and structured in a easy learn manner.

Norbain Technical Staff

Pictured left to right, Thabang Selepe, Renato Bordin, Marco Della Peruta & Wouter van der Merwe.

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Controlsoft welcome Basix Group for Technical Training

Controlsoft Technical Training – Basix Group

Henry Phillips (pictured far right) of Controlsoft conducted Technical Training of Controlsoft’s product range to four members of Basix Group.

Jaco Els, Divisional Security Manager of Basix Group (pictured second from left) said “The training Henry provided was top class and very insightful” Els was impressed with the feature rich Controlsoft Pro 4.1 software and the I-Net Hardware range.

Basix Group Technical Team with Henry of Controlsoft

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How to upgrade KeyMaster Lite Software to Controlsoft Lite

Step 1
On the KeyMaster Lite PC, make sure KeyMaster Lite is closed, and close the download manager by right clicking on the blue satellite dish icon and selecting close.

Step 2
Take a copy of KeyMLite.mdb, AccLog.mdb, Local.mdb, SysLog.mdb and TA.mdb from the location: C:\Program Files\Controlsoft\KeyMaster Lite. It is recommended you store these files to a USB memory stick.

Step 3
Rename KeyMLite.mdb to CSLite.mdb

Step 4
Install Controlsoft Lite onto a new PC.

Step 5
On the new Controlsoft Lite PC, make sure Controlsoft Lite is closed, and close the download manager by right clicking on the blue satellite dish icon and selecting close.

Step 6
Copy the files from Step 2 into C:\Program Files\Controlsoft\Controlsoft Lite, and overwrite all the .mdb files when prompted.

Step 7
Finally, start the Controlsoft Lite Download manager and log into Controlsoft Lite to make sure all employee reader and door data is displayed correctly.

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Ingersoll Rand HandKey II Memory Upgrade

Controlsoft integrate with a large number of other systems and reader types. One such reader range is the Ingersoll Rand HandKey II biometric reader.

Off the shelf these units are able to store the biometrics of 512 hands. If more memory is required, the units can be upgraded to 9,728, and then further to 32,512 if required.

The first step is to obtain the serial number of the unit you wish to upgrade. This can be done by pressing the * key on the keypad 11 times. The screen will then display a readout similar to SN:1234567.

Next, contact Controlsoft armed with the serial number, and order the appropriate upgrade size.

Within 24 hours Controlsoft should have the required codes to upgrade the memory of the unit.

Once you have the codes a HandKey II administrator user for that specific unit will have to log in to the administrator menu mode in the usual manner (pressing clear+enter together and entering the administrator PIN). Instead of menu 4 to add a new user, enter menu 2 for the settings, and scroll through to the upgrade option.

You will then be prompted to enter the upgrade code, after which the unit will reboot.

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Controlsoft Welcome Targget Tecnologia on UK trip

Controlsoft today welcomed representatives from Targget Tecnologia in Brazil to discuss plans for the continued distribution of Controlsoft access control products in Brazil.

The guys were given an overview of the growth-area product lines like the fingerprint technology and HID NFC-ready readers.

Watch this space for news of how these Controlsoft products fare in the Brazilian market.

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Controlsoft brings cutting edge Access Control to Farm Machinery

The concept of access control within the agricultural community is almost none existent. However, here at Controlsoft we have been working on a concept alongside TH White to take farm security to the next level. The benefits of Access control, on not only farm machinery but other large vehicles has a huge amount of benefits. The loss of farm machinery in 2010, hit an all time high with losses of £49.7 million. The second benefit, for large contractors is restrictions that we can put on the fobs themselves. For example a tractor driver is only allowed to start his own tractors, if he gets into a piece of machinery that he is not allowed to drive then his fob will not work.

Our first port of call, was to install and test out the theory at TH White where everything was successful. Secondly we installed a OneProx standalone control unit on a local farmers Honda ATV. The simplicity of the product meant that it was installed in a matter of minutes, and the results have impressed the previously reserved shepherd.

The simplistic OneProx controller has stood up to every test that the farmers have thrown at it. Due to the potted casing the OneProx is able to stand up to the damp British conditions.

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Adding pull-up resistors to a Wiegand reader

In certain circumstances it is necessary to use pull-up resistors on the Data0 and Data1 connections; it can slightly extend the maximum cable distance of a Wiegand reader. More importantly, due to the slight differences in electrical specifications of individual readers, pull-up resistors are required for somethird party (non-Controlsoft) readers. The most popular reader to require the pull-up resistors is the Storm keypad when connected to the Controlsoft I-Net Control unit.

You will need 2 x 10KΩ resistors.

  • At the Wiegand 8-way connector, connect one of the resistors between the +12VDC and Data0 terminals.
  • Connect the other resistor between the +12VDC and Data1 terminals.
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Schools showing great interest in Biometric….

We are finding more and more schools are turning to Biometric Systems as an affordable and trusted way to manage their access control. The student simply scans their finger onto the Biometric reader and their identity is immediately established and recorded. The whole process is Fast, Safe, Reliable and Secure.

As well as registering a student’s identity the software behind our Biometric Systems can be used to manage when people (whether visitors, students or employees) enter or exit the building, view absenteeism and produce lateness reports. Making the management of punctuality far more efficient.

With our extensive range of Biometric and Software packages we are able to “tailor make” the system to your requirements whether you are a 1000+ student college/university or a 30 toddler nursery.

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Cabling a Controlsoft Access Control System

We are often asked for the type of cable we recommend to wire in a Controlsoft System. The answer is that we have different recommendations for each specifc part of the system:

  • Between the PC and IP control unit(s) the IP connection(s) should be wired in a screened CAT5 or screened CAT6 cable. The Controlsoft Access Control PC should be connected to the same IP network as the IP control units using straight forward patch cables. If the Controlsoft Access Control PC is wired straight into the IP control unit, then a crossover cable is recommended.
  • For RS-485 connections between control units a 2 twisted pair cable, with each pair screened as well as an overall screen.  A Belden 8723 (or equivalent) is ideal. Screened CAT 5 or screened CAT6 also works fine. If you are going to use a CAT5 or 6, use stranded cores as opposed to solid cores. Note: the RS-485 + and – connections must be run on either side of the same twisted pair, with a separate core used for the reference. The total distance of an RS-485 network cannot exceed 1000m.
  • From Controlsoft Control units to Wiegand readers an untwisted 8 core with an overall screen like the Belden 9538 is recommended. Do not use twisted pair, CAT5 or 6 cables to wire readers back to a Controlsoft system.
  • Between Controlsoft Control units and Locks and Exit Buttons a thicker gauge alarm cable should be used, with the number of cores dependant on how many locks or buttons you are wiring on the one cable run. You should always allow a spare core or two in case of a break. Twisted pair alarm cable is acceptable, however  do not use  CAT5 or 6 cables to locks or exit buttons.

Bear in mind that many buildings will specify LHSF (Low Smoke Halogen Free) cables.

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